Sand making machine for all kinds of hard and super hard materials with crushing effect clearly has become a bridge for Social Development and economic, promote Chinese exceptional economic development, now the sand making machine is widely used in cement, ore crushing engineering, emery, etc. different types of materials, making endless dedication to the Chinese sand feed mechanism! Sand making machine is Chinas technology development results is essential for social and economic development, it is widely used, can be seen everywhere in our daily lives, whether materials construction, road materials, cement production, is still the water conservation and hydropower, the highway, the passenger special line, bridge, municipal engineering, airport runways. . Engineering and other areas without sand making machine. Especially continues to heat the Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta, the Pan Pearl River Delta cooperation continued to deepen, the Pearl River - development Western Economic Belt of the river as the rapid development of the national strategy, Hong Kong and Macaos economy, infrastructure construction, a huge investment in real estate and land reclamation and other major projects all require a large amount of sand and gravel overall support. At the same time, industry regulatory policy, cement, concrete and other extension of the string of related industry, the establishment of large and medium-sized emerald mines, the development of global market has brought a great opportunity for development and platform indicates the future global market will usher in a period of rapid development of the new period. Hardware development and sand making equipment gradually improved from traditional to modern, manufactured sand making equipment in the automation equipment, intelligence and information technology, sand making machine has become a technology intensive equipment, continuously improve the competitiveness of the sand making equipment in mechanical products. No matter in light industry and heavy industry, sand and sand everywhere, we need to study the sand industry to invest more energy today and tomorrow.